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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
What we do / Support/Maintenance


In addition to being arranging that your website is up and running, we also undertake a full technical maintenance of the website, so that you will never have to solve routine problems yourself. Our company will provide the updating of your texts, changes in the design, alternation of specific elements as well as software components, with a minimum cost (sometimes no cost at all, as long as the requests relate to minor changes and are considered reasonable).

The basic services that we offer are listed below, but we are willing to take on anything else our customers want and are within our abilities:

  • Updates to content, create new pages or edit existing pages, add or change images & banners, change the promotions
  • Bug fixing, tweaking and enhancements for the site's appearance
  • Upgrading site software and plug-ins when nessesary
  • Setting up & integrating third party services like Google Analytics, Google Adwords e.t.c.
  • Provide administration for your email service/webmail
  • Monthly or even weekly backups, depending on your requirement to ensure data security & business continuity


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